Sunday, February 21, 2010

my new favorite word is . . .

My little boy is really into his teeth right now. We just had a dentist visit last week and I spent all day preparing my two-year-old to open his mouth and let the dentist take a good look. Well, he has been talking randomly about the dentist and about his "teeph" and "toophs" ever since. It's not even the word "tooph" that is the cutest thing, but the way he says it. His little front top teeth are so cute and spread apart, and something about the way they meet his bottom lip with the word "tooph" is almost more than I can handle.
I think all moms feel this way . . . of course, we want our children to eventually say words and phrases correctly, but oh how we will miss these adorable, sweet mispronunciations as our tiny ones navigate the world of words and speech. I already miss that he no longer says "bow" for "ball" or "ca-bo" for "soccer ball" or "patas" for "pasta" or "all sheenosh" for "all finished" or "zy-een" for "violin" or that he no longer calls all animals "cats." But at the same time, I would never turn back because the now is too precious.
Here are some more of my favorite words and phrases right now:
"sork" (fork)
"dat ting" (that thing, as in "oh! what's dat ting?"
"dis ting" (see above)
"mommy, carry you" (mommy, carry me)
"mommy, rock you" (mommy, rock me)
"let's do [such-and-such] together"
"mommia and daddia" (these are some new endings to mommy and daddy he recently added)
"hey! what's goin' on over there!?"
"cashi" (as in mommy's coffee)
"ly-C tabs" (vitamin C tabs)
I can't wait to see how these types of lists grow and change over the weeks and months. There is something new to embrace and enjoy all the time with these little ones. The world of words is just one loop of this fun, adventurous ride our little ones take us on. Keep it coming!

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  1. You are going to be SO HAPPY that you wrote these things down. I know from experience that...if you don't write them down, you forget.